What is a supermom? well, basically it’s just like any other mom on the planet (except i’m awesome). My name is sushi (yup, like the food) and i even love sushi, so what a coincidence.

My definition of a supermom is a mom that’s willing to go the extra mile, to really take care of the kids, and still have a life while doing it. So for an example i like to go out to dinner with friends, have a long night out for drinks, go to the cinema and date my boyfriend and try to work to reach my goals, all this while still helping my kids and trying to care for them. It’s some of the most fullfilling experiences i have ever tried, getting kids that is, they are my life and i love them to death…

Anyway, on my blog (vlog sometimes properly) i’ll want to show how you can be a supermom and in this case a supermom with awesome gadgets haha

Can’t wait to teach you what i know and help you reach your potential